How to Find Time to Keep Your Home Clean

Balancing numerous obligations during a day is difficult and doesn’t leave much time for house cleaning. Especially if you are a perfectionist, not managing to keep everything clutter-free and perfectly clean might make you overwhelmed.

I used to be like that, but with little kids and so many things to do, cleaning my house isn’t of utmost importance anymore – and it shouldn’t be yours either. I agree that your house has to be clean so as to keep your family healthy but running around all the time will take away your much needed energy for playing with your kids, working and overall enjoying your life.

So, the following tips are based on 30-minute plans for keeping your home clean:


  • Take 30 minutes to clean your home each day



You can start 30-minute cleaning whenever it works best for you. Depending on your obligations during the day, implement this technique to keep everything as clean as possible. This really makes things easier. I usually clean for 30 minutes after breakfast.

I do different activities each day of the week – one day is for laundry, other day for vacuuming etc. You can also do several different activities in a single day. I often do this if I don’t manage to complete a task planned for that day.

There are some activities that I divided into weeks. For instance, I need to get the bathroom cleaned and get the floors mopped once every week. Other activities need to be done only one time each month. I made an agenda of these tasks and keep it in a place I can see at all times:

Maid holding cleaning bucket on White

Week 1

  • Bathroom cleaning — disinfect the toilet, clean the shower, clean mirrors
  • Vacuum the living room, kitchen and hallway
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Clean the windows

Week 2

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Mopping and vacuuming living room, kitchen and hallway
  • Wipe all the dust in the house and vacuum the whole house
  • Basement cleaning

Week 3

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming and mopping kitchen, living room and hallway
  • Bedroom cleaning
  • Garage cleaning

Week 4

  • Bathroom cleaning
  • Vacuuming and mopping living room, kitchen, hallway; wiping all the chairs and tables
  • Closet organization, fridge cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleaning


  • Cleaning Up in the Evening



I included this in my daily routine. We all participate in evening cleaning. Usually we pick up toys and put them in their place so that we have everything in place when we get up


  • Clean Up as You Go


This is so important and it saves you so much time on a daily and weekly basis. When you are about to throw something on the sofa, put it where it belongs instead. I teach my kids to do this all the time. When I cook, I leant to put back all the things I use immediately. After I used ingredients and spices, I put them back right away. If I play with the kids or we do some coloring, afterwards we take all the crayons, papers and other items and put them to their place. This is a tremendous time saver and the kids are learning proper behavior from young age.