Beauty Tips for Transgender Women

People first notice another person’s face when they see them, so emphasizing certain face features with proper make-up techniques is most important. Makeup should be beautiful and subtle, as opposed to over-the-top colors and too many layers of makeup.

So, each transgender woman needs to master some important strategies when it comes to skincare and applying makeup.

Purchase High-Quality Brushes


Many women overlook the importance of makeup brushes. First of all, there are several types of different brushes. Makeup just cannot be applied properly without a good brush. You usually get some low-quality brushes with the makeup you buy, but these aren’t efficient and should be replaced with high-quality ones. This will make your face look much more beautiful.

Consider purchasing these:

  • Brush for foundation
  • Brush for applying concealer
  • Brush for powder
  • Brush for applying blush
  • Brush for applying eye shadow
  • Brush for blending eye shadow
  • Brush for applying lipstick

Use Color Corrections


Avoid applying several layers of concealer if there are areas with blemishes, dark circles around eyes or beard shadow – that is not a solution as it will look very heavy and unflattering. Instead, you may try applying color corrections.

This implies covering imperfections at different parts of the face using different shades. This will have a better effect and it will not look heavy and thick.

Dark shadows from the beard can be covered by using red or pink correctors. Redness can be covered with green-shade correctors.

Don’t Ignore Eyebrows


Eyebrows should be well groomed at all times. This is a mistake made by most transgender women. Eyebrows shape your face and create its frame, and are attention-grabbing so they need to look good. It would be best to visit a beautician and get the eyebrows shaped and groomed professionally. You can afterwards enhance them by applying appropriate shade with a brush.


Applying makeup can be tricky in the beginning but after a while and a bit of practice, you’ll learn how to apply it quickly while looking great at the same time. It’s a skill and takes trial and error.

Take a Makeup Lesson from a Professional Makeup Artist

This is a great thing, as you’ll learn a lot of tips and tricks of proper makeup. It’s a great investment as you will be able to apply these skills every day. You will learn what the appropriate application of different products is, and also do’s and dont’s. You will get advice on what colors are most suitable for your skin tone and which products to use.

Take Good Skin care

Besides makeup that is used to cover certain flaws, you need to take care of your skin to have as little of these flaws as possible. This can be achieved through proper skincare. This implies cleaning your skin regularly, taking off the makeup before sleeping and using good face products for your skin type.

Consider making a routing of:

  • Using cleaning products that are gentle on skin instead of soaps that are too harsh
  • Use moisturizer each day
  • Apply facial masks every week